5 topsy tail hair styles for every occasion. 

These 5 different hairstyles using a Topsy Tail will allow you to break free from your boring hairstyles, show off your creativity and make you feel more confident.

Styling your hair using Scunci’s Topsy Tail tool is easy and will allow you to create a range of exciting looks! You can use a Topsy Tail to 'flip' multiple ponytails for an elegant style, or use multiple 'flips' to jazz up a single ponytail .

Quick styling options include transforming a small side, or low classic low ponytail, with a simple flip into a elegant look. For something different combine a couple of ponytail 'flips' with a fish braid to create a continuous elegant hairstyle feature.


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Snap Clips

Topsy tail braid

Topsy tail ponytail

Topsy tail ponytail

Mini side topsy tail

Mini side topsy tail

fishtail topsy tail braid

Fishtail topsy tail braid