hair styling brushes & combs

The science of excellent hair maintenance and styling!

Brushing your hair and creating long lasting styles.

Your hair deserves it – Scunci is all about creating amazing brushes to keep your hair looking hot all day long. Great hair needs the right prep and the right styling tools. The Scunci brush range has hair brushes that are specifically suited to each stage of preparing, styling, finishing and maintaining the locks. 

With our brushes, you too can become an expert and start treating your hair with the TLC it deserves! A full suite of hair brushes which fulfils every hair need with instructions on the best way to use each brush for gorgeous, long lasting results.

We have Wet Hair Detangling Brushes, Paddle Brushes, Detangling combs and Volume Brushes.

Create a sexy new look everyday with Scunci. Suitable for all hair types and lengths.