The Plaited Perfect Pony

Get Glamourous with Scunci

Follow these four (4) super easy steps to create a full and fabulous plaited Perfect Ponytail!

Products used to create this look:

  • Scunci Perfect Pony RRP$9.95

  • Scunci No Slip Grip Bobbypins RRP$8.95

  • Scunci clear polybands RRP$5.95

From this ....

To this ....

1. Place the Perfect Pony tool underneath the top section of hair angled downward.

2. Gather all hair around the perfect pony securing with a Scunci No Damage hair elastic.

3. Take a small section of hair and plait, secure with a Scunci Clear Polyband.

4.Wrap plait around the ponytail, secure with Scunci No Slip Grip Bobbypins.

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