Using the Perfect hair Updo Clip

The perfect updo clip!


For a modern twist with a flip of French fair, the French Twist is the perfect solution. This cleverly curved tool has a built-in barrette – roll hair high or low, or just roll the top for a pretty half-up, half-down style.

- Easy and quick to use
- Secure hold
- RRP $9.95

Available at Priceline & David Jones

1. Start by using a Scunci® brush to gather large sections of hair at the back of your head. Depending on where you want your French twist to sit (low, high or in the middle) brush all hair together at the desired height.

2. Open the barrette on the updo clip and attach it vertically to your hair at the scalp.

3. Slide the clip down your hair keeping it as taut as possible

4. When the clip is 1 to 2 inches from the ends, start rolling the clipped hair back up, smoothing it as your roll.

5. Adjust your twist so that the updo clip is completely covered by your hair and fits snugly against scalp. Secure your updo with either scunci® hairpins or bobby pins. Spray hair with hairspray.

The Look. It's never been so easy to have a gorgeous French Twist in a flash!

Celebrities that love this style

Nicole Richie

Blake Lively

Victoria Justice

Evan Rachel Wood

Natalie Portman

Scarlett Johansson

Jennifer Lopez




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