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the perfect bob

The faux bob is the hottest trend this year on the red carpet, celebrities like Lea Michele, Lauren Conrad & Taylor Swift have been seen rocking it. Interested? All you need is one tool to change your look from long to short - no pinning required & no cutting required! The Pefect Bob by Scunci. Watch below for our video tutorial on using this fun tool.

  • Easy and quick to use 
  • Comfortable for all day use
  • No pinning required
  • For long hair
  • RRP $7.95

1. With the small loop make a ponytail in the back of your hair. Secure ponytail by adjusting the slide on the outside of the ponytail to tighten or loosen it. Gently pull ponytail down to where you want your bob to fall.

2. Bring the large loop over your head and let it hang around your neck.

3. In the back, gather your ponytail ends and tuck them up and under the hair.

4. Lift the large loop the crown of your head, headband-style. Evenly spread and adjust the bobbed hairstyle for a natural look. You've got short hair!

celebrities that love this style

Taylor Swift

Lea Michele

Leighton Meester

Emma Watson

Kate Beckinsale

Lauren Conrad

Kerry Washington

Selena Gomez

Rachel Bilson

Amy Adams

Naya Rivera

Kate Bosworth



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