Stay chic this WINTER with Scunci

Have you ever woken up on one of those chilly winter mornings only to discover that your hair is full of frizz and completely unmanageable? On days like this many of us simply opt for throwing our hair into a messy bun and rushing out the door, but we're here to help you change your ways and liven up your hair routine!

It’s easy to get in a rut when it comes to our hair during these chilly winter months, but luckily, we have found the perfect solution for anyone who is lacking inspiration for unruly winter tresses: ACCESSORIES. Whether it be an on trend scrunchie, a knitted headwrap or a cute headband, accessories can seriously elevate an outfit while also providing a foolproof solution to taming wild winter locks.

Never underestimate the power of a good hair accessory ladies.

knitted headwrap

Stay stylishly warm with this knitted headband in a neutral winter colour that blends in with your wardrobe. Perfect for those chilly nights out or for everyday comfort. 

Scunci 1pc |RRP: $9.95


multi wear headwrap

One accessory, endless looks! Change it up with this multi-fashionable and multi-functional hairband! Shake it to shape it & transform your look from bohemian to hipster in seconds. This ultra-versatile accessory is destined to top your quick-fix fashion list.

Scunci 1pc | RRP: $14.95

mini denim scrunchies

We say anything denim goes! The scrunchie has stood the test of time and in denim it goes even further! The Scunci mini scrunchie range gives you on trend, playful and fun hair ties to accessories any hairstyle – ponytails, braids, half-up styles or buns … the scrunchie styling options are endless.


Scunci 8pc |RRP: $8.95

comfy skinny headwraps

Experience the stretch and luxe comfort on these Skinny Heathered Comfy Headwraps. Designed with you in mind, we took a best-selling accessory and amped it up for design and comfort.

Scunci 4pc | RRP: $9.95

scrunchie with bowtie

Introducing our latest addition to the Scrunchie family, our new Scrunchie Bow Ties. An updated, right on-trend addition to everyone's favourite accessory line. Created with fashion-forward prints, the Scrunchie Bow Tie is definitely not one to be left at home.

Scunci 2pc |RRP: $7.95


no slip grip barrette

Perfect for taming stray strands during the day or use to accent up-dos and create an evening look. These barrettes feature no-slip grip rubber sleeve technology for a secure hold.

Scunci 1pc | RRP: $6.95

bendable headband

Oval? Round? Square? No problem! This No-Slip Grip Headband is created with a thermal flex technology, guaranteed for the perfect fit! Super Comfy, doesn't hurt behind the ears. Can be worn day to night and it won't slip off.

Scunci 1pc |RRP: $8.95


sailors knot comfy headwrap

Soft & chic, this Sailors Knot Comfy Headwrap is one of our favourites in the Comfy Collection. As cozy as your favourite sweats, this headwrap was uniquely constructed inside-out to deliver a comfort touch, instantly.

Scunci 1pc | RRP: $9.95

Available in Coles, Big W, Priceline