How to style Clear Hair Accessories!


Sometimes your hairstyle is so cute you don't want to detract from it with colourful or busy hair accessories, right?

We've got just the hair accessories for you then my dear, CLEAR!!!! Yep, clear or transparent hair accessories look great plus don't overshadow that gorgeous braid, super cool topsy tail (see picture below), just walked out of the salon blow out or big bouncy curls.

Check out these gorgeous hairstyles perfect for long or short hair, super easy to create and will hold your hair in place all day long. 

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If you just need a little hold on that gorgeous blow dry or your growing out a fringe, these clear bobby pins are super cute. Stack them in fun ways to create different patterns and looks. So fun!

Scunci Clear Bobby Pins 50pc |RRP: $5.95

Clear Bobby Pins

Clear Polybands topsy tail hairstyle

Clear and Classic

These clear polybands are pretty much invisible and won't detract from your glam hairstyle. Imagine this gorgeous topsy tail look with a black hair elastic at the end, no thanks! You can make it all about the look with these handy little elastics.

Scunci Clear Polybands 52pc | RRP: $5.95

Mini Jaw Clips

These clips might be tiny, but they give alot of hold! Bring back the 90's with this fun look one clip at a time. Plus if your braiding skills arn't up to scratch simply use twists instead. Simply section small amounts of hair, twist tightly, clip, repeat. So easy!

Scunci Mini Jaw Clips 15pc |RRP: $5.95

mini butterfly clips

Clear Jaw Clip


Clearly Glam

Twist, clip and you're done! Our large jaw clip can hide a multitude of sins. Woke up late? No problem, twist, clip, done. Dirty hair? No problem, twist, clip, done. You can also use it as a fashionable accessory that doesn't over power your look + it's guaranteed to go with any outfit and colour. Add this to your 'every girl needs' list.

Scunci Large Clear Jaw Clip 1pc | RRP: $4.95

Spiral Style 

Add some 'wow' to your next upstyle with these super cute clear spiral ponytailers, they will make your hair extra perky, won't leave any dents and are such a fun change from a standard hair elastic + these are clear so again will go with any outfit. 

Scunci Small Spiral Ponytailers 12pc |RRP: $6.95

Scunci Large Spiral Ponytailers 12pc |RRP: $7.95


Clear spiral elastics

Available in Coles, Big W, Priceline