Wet & Dry Straightener
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Wet & Dry Straightener


Our Wet & Dry Straightener achieves super-sleek results fast! Take back more of your time with Scunci’s Wet & Dry Straightener because now you can straighten your hair when partially wet. Why wait for perfectly dry hair? You can start straightening with wet hair and achieve that gorgeous flowing straight hair look without the wait. It’s all possible thanks to the cleverly designed, easy-glide technology with satin touch plates that heat to 200°C in minutes!

Wet & Dry Hair Straightener - How it Works 

Our Wet & Dry Straightener works just like a regular straightener - but far from regular results! Enjoy the time-saving freedom of hair straightening without waiting for complete dryness. You can start straightening when your hair is 20-30% wet or 70-80% dry. All you need - a quick blow dry or towel dry after your shower and you’re ready to start styling and straightening!

How does this straightener protect your hair? 

Unlike regular hair straighteners that smoke and sizzle when applied to wet hair, Scunci’s Wet & Dry Straightener is specially designed with smooth satin touch plates that heat to 200°C! Experience the difference of effortlessly smooth styling and straightening. Perfectly straight every time, without the damage.

You’ll find Scunci’s Wet & Dry Straightener exclusive to Woolworths.  

Colour: Black

Style: C013SGA