Comb Detangling 1pc
Comb Detangling 1pc
Comb Detangling 1pc
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Comb Detangling 1pc

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The key to creating any beautiful hairstyle is to ensure the hair is tangle free first. The Scunci Detangling Comb is ideal for removing all sorts of tangles and knots with ease. The special design of the comb, with its widely spaced holes at the top of the teeth and ball tipped ends ensures total comfort, both on the scalp and the hair itself.

It teases out tangles without causing damage and is especially great with mid to long hair which is thick and prone to tangles! The comb is also a great tool for distributing conditioning treatments through the lengths of your hair.

Top Tips

  • Gently comb through the lower lengths of the hair first, slowly working your way up to the root.
  • Hold each section of your hair as you comb, to avoid pulling the hair at the root.
  • Also great for distributing mousse, leave in conditioner and other styling products through the lengths evenly.

Colour: Black

Available @ Big W