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Tips and tricks on how to create braids

If you embark on a search for hairstyle inspo on social media you’ll soon enough find yourself submerged in a sea of the world’s most photogenic hairstyle- the braid.

Braids come in a zillion different varieties and a zillion shapes and sizes, but one thing that’s for sure- they all look really pretty!

Braids are a favourite for brides, formals, school kids, sports, in fact the good old braid is a great option for everyone, no matter what the occasion.

So you’ve found the perfect hairstyle inspo, and now you’ve got to recreate it at home… This is where things can get tricky.

Braids with scrunchies

If you’re new to braiding then you need to start practicing. The more you practice the better you’ll get, and unfortunately your first attempt at a braid probably won’t be amazing. It takes a while to get the hang of holding all the strands of hair at the same time with the necessary tension.

So before you get started there are a few things you should remember-

1. If you plan on wearing a braid for a big event make sure you have a few practice runs beforehand.

2. While you’re braiding try to keep tension on the braid so that it’s tight. This will keep your braid neat and if you prefer a looser braided look you can always loosen it later.

3. Have your hair tools ready and within reach. You will need a soft bristled brush, elastics, hairspray and a mirror.

4. If your braid has a few lumps and bumps once your done, don’t panic you can smooth those out using a soft bristled brush once you’ve finished without redoing the braid.

5. Hairspray is your best friend. Spray your braid with a good coat of hairspray to ensure it doesn’t come loose while you’re wearing it.


Now you’ve got those pointers, start watching tutorials and practicing as much as you can. All braids use the same basic method, so once you’ve got the hang of the basic technique required for braiding, you’ll be able to adapt it to recreate any braided hairstyle fairly easily.

Try mixing it up too, I recently created some looks using hair accessories instead of a normal elastic and they are so cute. Check them out + I'll show you how to do each braid in this tutorial.

Happy Braiding everyone.

Love Bonnie x

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