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The best beauty looks on Netflix

If lockdown has brought us anything, it’s the return of the TV binge. A TV binge was once only reserved for dry January and lazy Sundays, but with most of us spending more time indoors than ever, our sofas have become *the* place to be on a Saturday night. Praise be then for Netflix ,who have been on top of their game, bringing out new original series, re-runs and all of the classics for our viewing. 

The next best thing to a juicy plot line and a Tom Hardy lookalike is a TV show that serves up some memorable beauty looks. When you look back through the years you realise that, the most iconic TV shows are the ones whose characters, even years later, double as beauty muses. From the ‘Rachel’ hair-do to Riverdale’s glam highschool seniors, we break down the top hair icons (new and old) on Netflix and how you can recreate them at home. 

Friends: The Rachel 


Friends had a lot of noteworthy beauty storylines, but we could not compile this list without mentioning 'The Rachel’. Back in the 90s when Jennifer Aniston first appeared in her star-making role as Rachel on Friends, her hairstyle, a bluntly-chopped bob, later dubbed 'The Rachel' caused an international sensation among viewers.

There were other notable looks too, including the long tousled waves during the Brad Pitt years and the super sleek and smooth locks that defined her look at Ralph Lauren. Rachel was also a master of updos. A little bit classy, but also meant to look like you’ve just naturally clipped your hair up and it looks great. All you need to recreate the Rachel up-do is a claw clip and lots of bobby pins. Pull out some front tendrils, and throw on a cashmere sweater and you’re good to go. 
Honourable beauty mentions: When Phoebe cuts Monica's hair and of course when Monica debuts a Diana Ross 'fro in Barbados. 

Queer Eye: JVS


We love Queer Eye for many reasons, but Johnathan Van Ness’ hair has to top the list. So silky! So long! So perfectly tousled! Granted, he’s a professional hairdresser and the show’s resident grooming expert, but JVN has cemented his place in TV beauty history, equipped with vivid one-liners, figure skating references and a love for beard and hair oil.

As the owner of an incredible head of hair himself, we did some digging to find out how he achieves his own gorgeous, air-dried waves. JVN revealed that it's all down to the prep, citing hair primer, oil and a curl-enhancing gel as his wavy-hair heroes - check out his full routine here (you’re welcome). Take a tip from the pro himself and invest in some creasless hair clips, you know the type you’ve been seeing all over Instagram being used everyday hair accessory. Not just colourful and cute, but these clips have been a staple in hairstylists' kits for years, helping to keep hair in place (sans any dents).

Clueless: Cher  


Alicia Silverstone debuted a perfectly bouncy blowout on screen in the 90's rom-com Clueless as Cher Horowitz, and we've been trying to perfect ours ever since. Who wouldn't lust after those silky, voluminous, super-soft locks?

If you're totally buggin', not to fear as the quintessential blowout can be easily achieved in just a few simple steps. Simply start by prepping your hair with some volume spray, before going in with a blow dryer and drying the hair in sections with a round brush. The key to this look, however, is making sure you curl the ends under for a signature 90s finish. Amplify the shine with an oil mist and voila! You'll be looking like everyone's favourite 1990s screen queen.

Selling Sunset: Christine Quinn


If you’re just about to start watching the third series of Netflix’s real estate reality show Selling Sunset, you’ll already be aware of Christine Quinn’s work. And hair aside, Quinn is a gift from the reality TV gods. The sass, the one-liners, the pleather and diamante headpieces, but mostly - that snatched Ariana-style ponytail. Amongst a wardrobe of deliberately attention-grabbing pieces, Christine’s look is often completed with a 4 foot long, chain-adorned ponytail.

To recreate this exact ponytail yourself at home, you’ll undoubtedly need extensions, or you can just choose to play with your own length and focus on creating a super-smooth and slicked-back base. Start by collecting all the hair and pulling it into a ponytail and if you want to go full-throttle Quinn, you'll need the base of the ponytail to begin just at the top of the back section of the crown of your head.

Once you have everything in place — before you find an elastic to hold it all together, brush your hair from front to back, then bottom to top, smoothing down any rogue hairs. To finish this look, bobby pins - and lots of them will be your new best friend in order to get everything looking as seamless and smooth as possible. And of course, don’t forget to accessorise, this faux-leather ponytail cuff is très Quinn. 

Riverdale: Cheryl Blossom 


In almost every single hit TV show we can think of, at least one of the characters has a defining beauty aspect and for Riverdale, that is Cheryl Blossom with her striking red hair and old Hollywood curls. The high-school mean girl turned Southside Serpent on Riverdale is known for her fiery comebacks, fiery red hair and a glamorous look that is just plain fire.

To achieve her signature glossy old Hollywood-inspired style at home, start by blow-drying your hair with a boar bristle round brush and create a deep side part and straightening the hair down at the roots. Next up, curl the ends only using a curler and wait for them to cool before you brush through them. For Cheryl’s signature shine, add a barrette clip to one side and finish with a mist of shine spray. 

Gossip Girl: Blair Warldorf 


There was a time (longer than we’d like to admit) when there were two camps of girls, you were a Team Serena or a Team Blair. Team Serena meant you favoured more of a bohemian style with flowing wavy beach hair, whereas Team Blair was all about a more high-fashion and polished aesthetic. Ruling the Upper East Side meant lots of plaid, a power coat and as every Gossip Girl fan will know - a headband. Velvet and padded, embellished or even a tied silk scarf – no outfit was complete without a head adornment.

Fast forward 10 years later and the Blair-approved headband is back and better than ever. To get Blair’s signature perfectly coiffed sultry curls, you’ll want to enlist the help of hot rollers. Start by blow-drying hair with a round brush and once dry, set your hair using the heated rollers and spray with hairspray. Once set, release the rollers and run your hands through the curls, breaking them up and smooth any baby hairs down with a matte pomade at the roots. Finish with a  headband of your choice.

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