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Our favourite Spring Hair Trends for 2020

Spring has officially sprung. With the rising temperatures, longer evenings and switch dresses and sandals, it’s also the ideal time to consider updating your hairstyle for a fresh, new season beauty look. Hair is after all, one of the easiest ways to give yourself an end-of-winter boost, even if we’re all still watching Netflix reruns on a Saturday night and working from home.

If you’ve been keeping up with the trends on Instagram or Tik Tok you would have noticed that everything from curtain bangs, pigtails and claw clip hair accessories are the new style craze for spring. And while we love a new trend, we especially love ones that require minimal effort, which is why the 4 spring trends outlined below require no professional skill and can easily be mastered whilst still sitting in front of your TV screen. 

Zoom Pigtails

If you've been keeping up with the Zoom style trends born out of quarantine, you may have picked up on the '90s hairstyle resurgence, with stars like Ariana Grande and Hailey Bieber rocking hair that is parted clean down the centre, with two half-up pigtails pulled tight on either side. 

For full 90s nostalgia, copy KNC founder Kristen Noel and pair your glossy pigtails with face-framing pieces and flipped-out ends. Here’s a quick how-to. 

  1. Start by creating a centre part down the middle, separating the hair on either side with it. 
  2. Making sure to leave the front-framing pieces free, create an ultra high ponytail on either side of the head and secure with hair elastics, pulling the hair taught.
  3. Spray a shine hair spray throughout for extra hold. 

Zoom pigtails 2.0

Whilst we’re on the subject of pigtails, we couldn’t not mention the pigtail 2.0, which is essentially a half-up, half-down look. Like the OG pigtails, this look is super simple to achieve and can easily be glammed up with accessories and pins or downplayed with clear elastics and natural texture. 

This look is best paired with lots of volume and texture, so unless you have naturally curly or textured hair we recommend going in with a large barrel curler and creating loose waves, adding extra oomph at the crown with a volume spray. After that, the steps are essentially the same as above, but focus on pulling the hair that is even to the eye line up into a ponytail and leave the left free. 

70s braids 

As mentioned this year's spring hair trends are less inspired by fashion weeks and instead, are being born from our collective quarantine style fatigue and the fact that so much of our face-to-face interaction is happening over a Zoom screen. Meaning, we’ve all been looking for quick, easy hair fixes like these low-maintenance accent braids.

A little retro, a little bohemian, this look is one straight outta the 70s (with an added dose of 90s attitude) and is essentially two tiny hairline braids that frame the face. Easy to DIY at home, they’ll easily help hide day-two, three (or four) hair and make you look like you’ve made an effort in the morning. Top tip: For an added pep in your step choose colourful hair ties like these pastel styles or in bright pops of pink or yellow for the perfect springtime look. Requiring just 1 step, here’s how to recreate them at home. 
  1. Start by parting your hair down the middle and take two small sections on either side (about 1-inch in size), and braid each in a simple, three-strand style and secure with a small polyband elastic. 

European Girl Updo a.k.a.

The Claw Clip Updo

We might have had to forgo a European summer this year but this doesn’t mean we can’t recreate a European girl updo from home. The ultimate lazy girl hack, the vibe of this hairstyle is essentially trying to emulate the look of a girl who has just effortlessly thrown her hair up in a clip and it looks great. Just Google MaryKate and Ashly circa Passport To Paris as a reference.  

Claw clips have been trending throughout 2020 and it only makes sense that they will continue to rise into spring/summer. Why? As the heat rises and you're looking to pull your hair up, back, and off your neck, it’s an instant upgrade on the high ponytail you’ve been wearing on repeat. No matter your curl pattern or texture, it's an instant accessory upgrade. You just wrap all your hair into a tight knot, secure it with a claw clip, and you have a sleek updo that looks 10x chicer than your twice wrapped-around scrunchie.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to recreate the quick, claw-clip updo:

Starting with day-old hair, create a part down the middle. 
  1. Next up, gather your hair into a low ponytail and then twist the ponytail up and bring the end of the ponytail back down. 
  2. Insert the hair clip over your twisted hair and finish by pulling out pieces around your ears to frame the face. 

The Retro-Flipped Ponytail 

 Bella Hadid Retro flick ponytail

Over the past couple of months, we’ve noticed that celebrities like Bella Hadid and Ariana Grande have been upgrading their signature high ponytails with retro, flipped ends. Equal parts 60s and 90s and all-over chic, this sleek style will instantly perk up any Monday morning Zoom call and is easy to create on your own. You don’t need to have long hair to recreate this look too, girls who are sporting a bob or lob can also recreate the flip. Here’s how to do it at home. 

  1. Since this look is all about creating that 60s blow-out look, we recommend first starting with a great blowout, using a round brush to flip the ends up. Start by blow-drying hair with a round brush. 
  2. When hair is 90% dry, take horizontal sections and blow-dry with the brush on top of the section, curling the ends up. 
  3. When hair is dry, take horizontal sections again and use a curling iron to smooth the hair and flip the ends up. 
  4. When the entire head is finished, brush through and gather your hair high on top of your into a ponytail and secure with an elastic. 

Top tip: Stay true to the decade and add a jumbo scrunchie on top of the elastic for a statement-making edge just like Cleo Massey right here wearing our giant Satin Animal Print scrunchie. 


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