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Cute & easy ways to rock a headband

If you’re in total need of updating your look, it doesn’t get easier than incorporating some cool accessories. Whether they be playful or glam, a good hair accessory will transform your hairdo from good to great.

When it comes to accessories, a headband won’t only do its all-important job of keeping your hair out of your eyes. It should be its own focal point. It also helps adapts your style so you can try out new looks without forking out for and braving a whole new cut or colour.

Want to up your headband game? Here are some styles you can try for super cute looks.

Pair with a messy bun!

Who doesn’t love the messy bun? It doesn’t take much effort or skill for it to look effortlessly cool, your arms don’t quiver from the exertion (just us?) and it’s a time-saving gem for those days you’ve slept in.

There’s not much to perfect when it comes to this style. Simply pile your hair into a bun – no brushing needed as you don’t want it to look too neat or perfect. If you’ve got the length to do so, you can tie it on the crown of your head, or position it lower if you’ve got shorter hair. Any type of bun will work with this look.

Secure your bun with an elastic and gently pull the ends of your hair out to create more texture and volume. To keep it in place and add a splash of colour, pull on a headband. Our Top Knot Headband is the perfect accessory to elevate this laidback look in next to no time. It’s available in three colours, so you can pick from stripy grey or pink for something fun or plain black for a classic take.

Choose loose waves

More of a hair down kind of girl? It doesn’t get simpler than just leaving your hair as is, but sometimes that can feel a bit boring. There are so many options for styling long hair, but we especially love the pairing of loose waves with a fabric headband.

Whether your hair naturally has body to it or you style it to achieve these waves, popping on a headband makes it all the cuter. It gives this style a more polished look without it looking too prim and proper. It’s also perfect for adding a little something special on those days you just roll out of bed and don’t have the time or energy for a fancy ‘do.

This natural style works best when combined with a fabric headband, such as our Turban Headwrap. This will add some texture and volume to your look, and most importantly, it’s also super comfy. Wear this band in the middle of your head with the front layers of your hair cascading out in front.

Everything’s Chic In The 90’s

Who doesn’t love a classic, the Nineties and Noughties are back. We’d even argue they never really went away! These decades have given us style inspiration we love to tap into, especially when it comes to headbands – think voluminous hair, pulled back for some definition and sass. Put on your slim dark shades and our Accordion Headband and channel your inner 90’s style Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid.

Accordion headbands were all the rage back then and they are popular again. It’s easy to see why, as they work well with any hair length and texture. They are a great way to up your style and are as functional as they are fashionable – worn with your hair swept back, they help keep your forehead clear which can help ease acne from this area and you’re less likely to touch your face as there’s no more pushing the hair out of your eyes.

Our Accordion Headbands come in a set of two so you can change up your look with 2 different colours at no extra cost. Choose from either a gorgeous tortoise shell, faux or all-time favourite black gloss. Match to your outfit and take your everyday runway by storm with this look.