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How the Hell Do You Braid?

Braids - can’t do them? Way too hard and fiddly? So you give up and leave it to the pro’s?

That’s not the Scunci way – we are here to teach YOU how to braid like a pro, step by step all the way. At the end of it you will be stoked you gave it a go and that you will now be able to call yourself a braiding PRO! Winning!

It’s not only Khaleesi or Lagertha Lothbrok that can rock a braid. All you need is the know-how and you too can pull off this fabulous look.

So, let’s start with the sexy Dutch braid first, once you’ve figured this out, you can start getting a little more creative. We’ll take it step by step, just like we promised.

step 1 – Smooth

For any hairstyle, it’s best to start like this, comb and brush those knots out and get your hair looking and feeling silky smoooooth!

Now you are ready to start. 

braid hair


step 2 – Section

To get the perfect end result, this sectioning part is key. Section your hair nice and carefully into three even pieces. Then you are ready to start braiding.


step 3 – 1, 2, 3

Now you have three even hair sections to work with. Make sure you keep your eye on these three sections so that you are always working with these only.

This is where you start the process of under, tighten, over, add, tighten and then repeat to create the perfect braid.

hair braids


step 4 – Under

Take the first section (1) and pull it under the middle one (2).

braid hair


step 5 – Tighten

Now tighten the sections so that they are neat. (doesn’t look like much of a braid yet, but keep going).


step 6 – Over

Take the middle section (2) and go over section (1). At first it gets a little tricky, but persist! And if you need a few goes at the start, no big deal, you’ll be the master in no time.


step 7 – Add

When you’ve done this, hold onto section (2), grab some more hair to ADD to the same section.


step 8 - Tighten

Again, tighten the sections so that the braid that you have created so far is nice and neat.

braid like a pro


step 9 – Repeat

Repeat, repeat, repeat. Under, tighten, over, add, and tighten – until you plait the braid all the way to the end.

Basically you get into a motion of taking the side sections (step 1 and 3 above) and bringing these under the middle section (step 2 above), so you are going under, adding more hair, going under again and adding more hair.

That’s it, after a few go’s, you will be a pro. And if these step by step instructions haven’t helped… have a look at our video tutorial!


the final look – We’ve got u covered!

Go forth and conquer!

How do you braid?


We want you to rock those braids and swing them proudly, just like Beyoncé. (Check out my …..braids!)

For more on the latest in hair styles, tips and how to’s check out our latest blogs and video tutorials. Scunci has you covered!

u got this

Love Scunci xx