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High School TV Shows That Will Inspire Your Back To School Look


TV shows aren’t just about gripping plotlines - they're also where some of the best style, hair and makeup trends are also happening. Sure, we want to know what’s happening in Riverdale, but while we were doing that, we were also researching on our phones how to get Betty’s polished pony at home.

The cast of Riverdale aren’t the only small screen high schoolers with epic locks we want to recreate though; from Queen B’s unmistakable sleek headband to Sabrina The Teenage Witch’s perfect waves, there are tonnes of TV tresses we want to copy right this second. 

Just in time for back-to-school season, some of our favourite High School TV dramas are coming out with brand new seasons (hello, Riverdale) and we’ve been blessed with a reboot of a 90s favourite. So, it’s time to get planning and read on for the very best High School hairstyles to copy right this second. 

1. Gossip Girl 

Calling all Upper East Siders, have you heard the news? Gossip Girl is back.

The glamorous teen drama that gave us Serena and Blair (and Chuck Bass) is making a highly anticipated return to TV in the near future (thanks Covid). And whilst we still have to wait and see what the plotline will be like - will this new generation still have lunch on the steps of the Met? Will they still lavishly rock a different headband each episode? Will the Motorola flip phone make a return? Only time will tell. What we do know from the promo shots, however,  is that the hair is still on point. 

If we could choose one look that defines the Upper East Side girl, it’s polished curls. Below we break down how to achieve bouncy, salon-worthy loose curls fit for a Queen B. 

Step 1: Starting with clean, dry hair, split it into sections and spray a heat protectant spray through each layer. This will help add volume with a flexible finish. 

Step 2: Twist the sections and clip them up. This will help you curl each piece of hair without any tangles, plus it works to help encourage the curl.

Step 3: Unroll one section and then curl it around a medium-sized barrel curling tong like this 25mm Ceramic Curler. Remove the tong, gently roll up the curl around your fingers and pin it back in place. This will set the curl perfectly. 

Step 4: Repeat this for each section until all your hair is pinned in big curls.

Step 5: Once all your hair has been curled and pinned, let all the curls cool down. This can take up to 15 minutes for the perfect set. 

Step 6: Spritz the pinned sections of hair with a texturizing spray for hold and then unfasten all your curls before combing through with a wide-Tooth comb to loosen and add texture.

Step 7: Finish off this look with some fashion-forward accessories like these large oval barrettes. 

2. Euphoria  

Europhia is known for its makeup, and we agree, the show single-handedly made glitter and face crystals cool again, but the hair is not to be overshadowed. From Jules’ bubble-gum dip-dye to Kat’s sleek ‘makeover’ bob, the show and its characters pulled out all the stops when it comes to hair. 

With the second season out in December, this had us wanting to relive all the show’s best hair moments and the one that stuck out the most, was Maddy’s sleek and glossy straight ‘do with two face-framing 90s barrettes and flicked ends. Not one to play it safe, this style is toned-down for Maddy, which equally makes it one of the easiest to do in real life. The perfect mix of 1990s cool and everyday glam, here’s how to get it at home. 
Step 1. Prep damp hair with a hair protectant spray and blow dry hair straight with your favoUrite hairdryer and a medium round brush

Step 2. Straighten hair in small, 1-inch sections for a super-straight finish. Make sure to flick the ends inwards. 

Step 3. Finish with hairspray for hold and shine

Step 4. Clip two metallic snap clips on either side for extra sparkle. 

3. Riverdale


Riverdale is set to be back on screens January 5th, and we for one couldn’t be happier to have Betty’s curly ponytail back into our lives. If you haven't yet tried to recreate this Riverdale signature, then we’ve broken it down into simple steps below. Great for school, this look is the perfect style for when you’re feeling lazy but also want to put in some effort. Just as cute for the weekend too, the curly high ponytail is the perfect compromise for when you can’t decide between an up-do or down-do. Voluptuous and textured at the back, yet swept clean off the face, this style will keep you cool and ready to impress a Riverdale Serpent. 

Step 1. Section the hair and taking a large barrel curler, wrap small sections of hair around the barrel. 

Step 2. Repeat in sections until your whole head is curled. 

Step 3. Once your curls are cooled, brush them out with a comb. 

Step 4. Pull hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic to match your hair colour.

Step 5. Finish with matte pomade, to tidy away any flyaways at the crown. 

Step 6. Finish with some metallic accessories like these bobby pin slides - which will also conveniently keep you flyaway free. 

ANDDDDD here's one of Jughead aka Cole Sprouse just because ... You're Welcome.


4. Sabrina 

We’re just going to come out and say it - Sabrina Spellman has it all. Not only does the girl have magical powers and a talking cat,  but she knows how to wear a choker like no other and consistently rocks curls that never seem to drop or go out of place. With season 4 having just been released (December was quite the month for Netflix), to celebrate we break down how to achieve her signature natural-looking tight curls. Note, this look is similar to the Queen B style above but with a few key differences, the main one being that this look is best recreated via heatless sock curls. If this sounds familiar, it’s because this technique has been blowing up on TikTok. Easy to DIY at home - here’s how.

Step 1. To create your sock curls, start with damp, not wet hair and gather a two-inch section of hair and place the ends of the section on the centRE of your sock. Roll the sock toward your roots, rolling your hair with it as you do so. When you reach your roots, use the ends of your sock to tie a knot. 

Step 2. Repeat this process throughout your mane until all of your hair is rolled into sock curls. The size of the sections of hair you’re using can vary depending on how tight or loose you’d like your curls to be. The smaller the section, the tighter the curl like Sabrinas. 

Step 4. Once all your socks are in place, leave them in so that your sock curls can fully set. 

Step 5. Once you’ve waited an hour or so, remove your socks one by one. It doesn’t matter which order you do this in, though it’s easiest to go from top to bottom. 

Step 6. Hello, curls! To loosen things up, gently comb through with your fingers. Finish with a wide headband like Sabrina’s for a sleek finish. 

Step 7. Sabrina is rarely seen without a headband, steal her look with this classic black headwrap.

5. Saved By The Bell

With the 90s boom that we’ve seen over the past few years, it’s no surprise that hit shows like Saved By The Bell are making a comeback. Introducing a brand new generation to the halls of Bayside High School, the new set of teens are stylish as the last and can be spotted rocking some hairdos that would make Kelly Kakapowski proud. The highlight however, has to be Aisha Garcia’s (played by Alycia Pascual-Peña) half-up, half-down pigtails. The ultimate back-to-school look, this hairstyle is equal parts nostalgia and modern-day It-girl (we get all the good kind of Hailey Bieber vibes). Here’s how to recreate it at home. 

Step 1. Start by sectioning  hair down the centre

Step 2. Gather a section of hair on one side of the head and brush the hair back and secure into a half-up ponytail. Secure with a hair tie - these colourful spiral ties fit perfectly with the 90s vibe.

Step 3. Repeat on the other side. 

Step 4. Backcomb random sections near the root for volume using our mini round brush. 


For more inspiration on the latest in hairstyles, tips and how to’s, check out our latest blogs and video tutorials. Become your very best hairstylist at home with Scunci hair tool and accessories.

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