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Hair accessories explained.

Thick style, thin style or combination? No, we’re not talking about your favourite takeaway. It’s your hair. Is it thick, coarse, medium, fine or thin—or a combination? Having great-looking hair is about knowing, nurturing & showcasing your specific hair type.  

Read on to brush up on your knowledge of hair types. Once you’ve worked out your type (hair type ladies—hair type), it’s time to flaunt it. Choosing the right hair accessories is a cinch with our guide below.

Is your hair thick, medium or fine? How to work out your hair type.

Did you know two factors make up how thin or thick your hair looks & feels?

Hair thickness—the paper & strand tests

Let’s look at hair thickness. Thickness relates to the actual diameter of a strand of your hair. Did you know you can compare your hair strands to a piece of photocopy paper (approximately 70 microns thick). Fine hair is generally 50 microns—less than a piece of paper—and coarse hair can be 120 microns thick, nearly double a page. 

We suggest taking a single strand of your hair, feeling the texture between your fingers & then laying it on a flat surface. If you can barely see or feel your strand, it’s fine hair. If it looks & feels thick & textured, it’s coarse. Somewhere in between—then medium it is.

Hair density—the mirror test

But that’s only half of the story. Hair density plays a big part & you need to part your hair to discover more.

Density means the number of individual hairs on your head. Stand in front of a mirror & part your hair. Do you see a lot of scalp? Then you have thin density (approximately 80,000 hair fibres on your scalp). If you don’t see much scalp at the part—you guessed it. You’ve got thick hair density (around 150,000 fibres).

It’s possible to have fine hair thickness with thick density & coarse hair with thin density.

Now that you know your hair type, let’s look at the best hair accessories tailored precisely to your hair needs

The ultimate list of accessories for your hair type

Thin tresses are perfectly fine

Just like a fine china cup, your hair exudes class & style. And with these lovely accessories, you’ll look even finer.

  • Snap clips 10 pc—Tame the strays or dance the night away with these comfortable, handy & versatile clips.
  • Elastics for fine hair 15 pc - Designed just for you—casual to formal, sporty to naughty. These ‘no damage’ darlings are what you need.
  • Scrunchies mini denim 8 pc—Denim has stood the test of time, as has the humble scrunchie. With 8 of these little legends, you can wear a different one each day or combine a few for your own style statement.

Medium hair is nothing like average—with these accessories, it’s magnifique.

Well, aren’t you a lucky one? While medium is in the middle, you get the most options in terms of accessories.

  • Hair bands, ties & elastics—That’s right, there’s a massive selection of suitable elastics. Take your pick. That one, & that one, & oh - look at that one.
  • Snap Clips Jumbo—These are perfect for your medium locks, especially when twisted back & fastened in a chic loose style. And what’s even better, you get two to tango.
  • Scrunchies soft fabric mixed 10 pk—Soft, stretchy & super comfortable to wear. (Oh & here’s the ribbed ones for something a little different).


Thick hair = big choice.

Ok, so thick hair can be a handful, or two. With the right hair accessories, you’ll be in charge of your full mane, and you’ll be able to take your pick of styles. Is it a sporty pony, classy updo, or fun & flirty half & half?

Everyday clips for every style you need

Take the ‘boring’ out of everyday hair accessories. Scunci has a vast selection of clips to choose. Between snaps, & claws, & colours galore—your problem will be deciding which one to choose each morning.

Breakage free zone. Protect your hair type with these tips.

Whether it’s fine, medium or coarse, we all want to look after our locks. Check out the list below for a few ways to protect each strand & prevent breakages.

  • Use accessories specifically designed for your hair type. Oh, look, there’s a handy guide above.
  • Avoid adding accessories when your hair is wet—it’s more susceptible to damage. Pulling it back into a tight pony or barrette clip leaves it vulnerable and ensures a kink. Now we won’t judge you, but kinky hair is just not cool.
  • Stand in front of a mirror & watch as you remove your elastics & clips. If you just yank them out without looking, you could say bye-bye to some of your mane.
  • Talk to your stylist about whether a protective spray, balm or serum suits your hair styling.
  • Trim away—a regular little snip will do wonders for your hair. And who doesn’t love a little pampering & socialising at the salon?
  • Change it up. We know you have your favourite go-to style. But wearing your locks the same way every day can cause stress points in your hair.
  • Give it a rest while sleeping. You need your beauty sleep, well so does your hair. Wearing hair accessories to bed can lead to pressure points and rubbing.
  • We don’t need to tell you a good diet & healthy lifestyle will make you & your hair shine.

Whether you’re in the thick of things or treading a fine line, the right hair accessory will never be out of style.

U got this.

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