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Cute French Pin hairstyles for every season

Oh, the French. They exude style, beauty, & sass. Even the language is smooth & sultry:

Amour – love

Femme – woman

Belle – beautiful

Je t’aime - I love you

France is famous for its food, wine, & fashion. It’s a hotspot for incorporating all three into a kaleidoscope of social flair & enjoyment of the finer things in life. After so much lockdown time, don’t you just daydream about spending some time in this beautiful culture? 

Well, excusez-moi, there’s an easier way to show your French style than jumping on a long-haul flight. Wear a French pin, or two, in your locks for instant ease & French chic. The best bit? These stunning styles are super simple to achieve, & they look after your hair as well. You can say “merci” later.

The French pin is a must-have accessory, as handy & flexible as it’s stylish & fun.

Strong, smooth, stylish & gentle. Is there anything these French beauties can’t do?

OK, you’re keen on upping the style factor but worried about the ouch factor. We hear you. There’s nothing worse than limiting your favourite style because it costs a handful of hair every time you wear it. The French pin has your back, well, the back of your head anyway. There are no elastics to pull out your locks, cause stress points, or leave kinks in your hair. French pins glide through your locks for a strong but fuss-free hold. Nice.

Fun French pin history

The French pin has a long history & was the inspiration for our modern-day bobby pin. Early versions were hair forks made from wood, bone, & metal. Native American, Japanese, & Central African people have all worn them. In ancient Rome, the pins were hollow & rumoured to contain perfume & even poison. Now that brings a whole new meaning to drop-dead gorgeous. In 1600s France, both men & women used them & named them bobbing pins. The men used the pins to help hold their wigs in place.

But you’re a modern mademoiselle. So here are five up-to-the-minute styles to try using French pins.

5 must-do hairdos featuring the French pin

1. The classic chignon bun - delicious

This bun couldn’t be any tastier if covered in cinnamon & sugar. And, with no calories, it’s even yummier. A simple low twisted bun that can be as firm or loose as your style is feeling that day. The crème de la crème – it’s accented with the gorgeous French pin straight through the middle. Secure. Stylish. Sweet.

2. You’ve heard of double Dutch. Well, here’s the double French. A French twist with a French pin.

We couldn’t go all French chic without this timeless favourite. Perfect for the office but just at home for a night out. Here’s how to add your twist to this twist. Complete your French twist look by securing with a French pin. So easy, but it amps up the finished look.

3. The Best of both worlds – a little French & a little flow. Why knot?

We love this casual little cutie. Fun, natural & a little touch of boho. This style lets you show off those long locks & add a little French flair. You pull the top half of your hair back, knotted around itself, & secure it with a French pin. Leave the bottom half down, free to flow.

4. Double your French factor

Oo la la – this one looks like double trouble. What’s better than one elegant twist? Why two, of course. This style crowns your head with double the style & doubles the feature. Two twists, one above the other, sounds like the perfect style for a classy night out. And you get to show off two of your beautiful French pins.

5. Say “S’il vous plait” to this plaited beauty 

So simple yet so sophisticated. A braided take on the chignon bun. Will they be looking at your braid or your French pin? Either way, they’ll be looking your way, & the compliments will come thick & fast with this sophisticated little number.

Isn’t it time you pinned down your French style?

Join the French revolution & add some flair to your hair with French pins. Not only are they better for your hair, but they’re so stylish & easy to use. Say “bonjour” to Parisian glamour with French pins because U GOT THIS.

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Love Scunci xo