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8 New Year Hair Resolutions That You Can Actually Stick To

New Year's Eve comes and suddenly we are expected to make major transformations to our lives. 

We are all guilty of wanting to look more beautiful than ever before, so it's perfectly normal to want to make some hair and beauty resolutions for the year ahead. The team at Scunci want you to be the best version of yourself, we want you to feel great and have the confidence to own it.

We have set some hair resolutions for 2019 that are realistic goals cause really, whose gonna hit the gym 10 times a week, party less and eat kale for breakfast lunch and dinner.. NOT US. BUT we can strive for healthy and epic hair though and that’s gotta make you feel good, right?

Here are our top 8 New Year's hair resolutions.

We know you can stick too these with us.

1. Reduce Breakage

Credit Amy Shamblen@amyshamblen

Tip: Detangle when there is conditioner in your hair.

Another great way to avoid losing too much hair is to detangle your hair in the shower after you’ve applied conditioner to it. Just run a shower comb or brush through your hair (from middle part down only) to remove all knots and tangles easily. These specially designed shower tools are super gentle on your scalp and will glide through your conditioned locks. Voila!

2. On trend style on a Budget (here’s our no.1 accessory)

The Scrunchie...

Yes ladies, we’ve said it before and we will scream it to the roof tops, scrunchies are back and here to stay!

They are super soft, protect your hair from breakage and look hot. We thank celebs like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez and Bella Hadid, who fearlessly wore the trend with ease. Of course, we don't have glam squads on hand to help us with our hair. So, we re-imagined their looks for the individual with little time, money and, well, skill. Because we all deserve to look celeb status...even when wearing a scrunchie!

3. Have luscious locks erryday (without spending heaps)

Make Home-Made Hair Masks

Some might be delicious enough to eat but the rest are just downright smelly! But the great thing is that you'll easily find all of the ingredients in your pantry.

Here are our top 2 mask recipes:

1. Egg, curd and mustard oil - If you've got hay-like dry hair then here's the answer to all of your problems. Eggs are rich in vitamin A, B12, D and E, fatty acids and protein. The protein helps strengthen the roots, the fatty acids make it a natural hair conditioner and B12 helps add volume.

2. Avocado and peppermint oil - Also referred to as the butter pear, avocados are creamy, rich and the only fruit combines the protein of meat, fat of butter, vitamins and minerals of green vegetables and a nutty flavour. Mash some avocado, add a drop or two of peppermint oil and apply this mask on your hair. Leave it in for 15-20 minutes and wash off. Easy huh!

4. To Braid like a pro

Braid envy — it's a thing. If you find yourself gazing longingly at the intricately beautiful braid styles on Instagram and Pinterest, you've got a major case of it. Nothing to be ashamed of.. we salute you. Braids are simply the best.

Look no further ladies we want to help you achieve this New year’s resolution in 2019.

Here’s to 2019 being your year, the year you can easily incorporate a braid style into your everyday routine.

Check out our simple step by step tutorial to learn how to create a basic braid at home..

5. To have less breakage

Well there is many ways to achieve this but here is our simple and easy tip..

The less you wash = the less you release the hairs natural oils and fibers which keep it looking shiny and healthy.

We know summer is a super busy time beaching, afternoon snoozing, shopping, and lunching oh and working, did we say January sales.

Then rock the dirty hair look – dry shampoo should be your new bestie – who’s got time to wash their hair regularly?


Check out our fav beauty gal Oz Beauty expert’s top tips on how to style dirty hair. You will be blown away by how easy and simples these styles are to create and actually make dirty (lazy) hair look amazeballs.

Enjoy chicks.

6. To master the effortless “messy bun” or “top knot”

2019 is the year you can jump out of bed and rock that “I promise I didn’t try” hair style. You’ll be the envy of all your gal pals.

All you need is a top knot bun maker in your hair kit and you’ll never have to spend hours trying to perfect the “messy top knot” again. It will seriously take you a couple of minutes and VOILA, nailed it.

Always fun to add a little accessory, we love the scrunchie with bow tie to give it some spunk.

Check out our step by step tutorial on how to use this hair tool.

7. Tame the dreaded frizz (here are some simple tips)

a) Dry your hair before calling it a night

There are a lot of time-saving advantages that come with washing your hair at night. But keep in mind, hair is at its most vulnerable state when it’s wet, so it’s super important to dry your hair completely to prevent tugging and severe breakage while you sleep.


b) Splurge on a silk pillowcase

Thinking of investing in a silk pillowcase? Well, although making the trade up from cotton pillowcases to high-quality silk ones is a bit of an investment, your hair will thank you. Silk is a gentler fabric compared to cotton. The smaller fibres of silk pillows prevent your ends from excessive damage and pulling, especially if you toss and turn overnight.

c) Apply an overnight treatment

As hair lovers, we know how important it is to incorporate masks and treatments into our weekly hair care routines. But let’s face it, sometimes the 15 to 30-minute masks don’t cut it. Take advantage of the downtime while you sleep and apply a hair mask before bed, leaving it on as an intensive overnight treatment to repair and hydrate your hair. Depending on your hair type, we recommend doing this once or twice a month. Finding the right treatment for your hair can be a daunting task as there are various options available on the market. While you’re searching for the right one, you can never go wrong with masking your hair overnight with coconut oil. 

8. Change is as good as a holiday

In the ideal world we would have endless wads of cash and months of annual leave to gallivant around the world and rub should with celebs like Beyoncé and Kimmy K in LA – but who are we kidding.

We have $15 till pay day and only 10 days of leave left till Christmas – we aint going to LA any time soon. Instead when next pay day rolls around we can take a short trip to our fav hair salon and get a new do. Simple yet so effective.

Here are a few trending hair cut styles you’ll see on celebs in 2019

a) Messy bob

Bob is a short haircut with a French charm, whose main condition is the volume. It embraces the face, as if it were a fluffy hat, but with clear graphic lines. If you’re ready to say goodbye to your long hair, choose bob haircut: it looks elegant and does not require much care

b) Waterfall haircut (for long haired girls)

This season you will not necessarily have to give up your long hair. It is enough just to refresh it with a haircut all the way (ladder), or just according to the contour of the face. In addition to the fact that hair will look more luxurious and well cared for (like our gal Beyonce), the waterfall haircut opens up the possibility to create stylish loop-based haircuts.

c) All one length

After experimenting with thinned tips, it’s time to go to the length of hair. A sharp outline at right angles is one of the main beauty trends this autumn. For such experiments, any length of hair is suitable, probably with the exception of shorter haircuts like pixie. The average hair will say thank you because such a procedure will refresh it and make it look fresh and healthy.

NOW go forth and conquer 2019 hair lovers!

For more on the latest in hair styles, tips and how to’s check out our latest blogs and video tutorials. Let us inspire you.

u got this

Love Scunci xx