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8 Essential Tips to Surviving the Spring Carnival

Spring Carnival Race days are about taking it all in - the fashion, the glamour, the event, the winnings and the bubbles. Preferably all with your hair and shoes intact, and not with your photo in the cup carnage news the day after!

Read on for our essential tips in surviving and making the most of the Spring Race Carnival season.

1 – Keep your shoes on

Take your shoes on a test run - how do they feel? Slippery, too big, too tight? Pinching… so that your smile ends up a little crooked when you shift your weight from one foot to the other? Ouch!

Make sure you break them in - you don’t want to be walking around like you’ve been riding a horse all day, then hobbling home with your gorgeous heels slung over your shoulder - not a good look!

2 – Eating is NOT cheating!

Let’s face it, even though carb-loading is for endurance athletes, a day at the spring carnival is an endurance test in itself – looking great at the end of the day takes a lot of pre-planning!

So, get a good meal into your belly before you go (hot chips, BLT, smashed avo), a breakfast with plenty of carbs – forget the low carb diet today – it’s cheat day! You don’t want to be one of those girls at the end of the day, trust us.

3 – Chill on the bubbles

A glass of sparkling wine is delicious but being one of those girls collapsed on the curb in the cup carnage news files the next day isn’t – make sure you drink water in between each glass of bubbles and remember when you are about to reach for yet another glass, can you wait just a little….?

4 – Be a lady all the way

Take a note out of Kate Middleton’s book and be a lady all the way, but you can have a bit more fun. Dress to impress, it’s not too often you get the chance to be ultra-glam, so don’t hold back go for it!


5 – Don't forget your raceday essentials

You absolutely need that emergency touch up bag. Make sure it has a Scunci mini styling brush to keep your tresses in place, a mini hairspray that you can find at Priceline, Coles or Woolies. Also, some Scunci clips just in case and don’t forget the pressed powder, your lippy and bandaids.

You don’t need your whole make-up bag. Travel lightweight today – you’ll be happier for it.

6 – Find the perfect mini bag

Clutches are so 2017. Get yourself a cute mini purse with a strap you can hang over your shoulder. Then your hands are free for the important things - your drink, food, hugging your BFF or boyfriend and anyone else you fancy!

7 – Don't forget your BFF

You gotta have your BFF with you. How much more fun is life when she’s around? You also have a toilet buddy when you have to wait in those annoyingly long lines plus you can talent scout together (wink wink)

8 – Create the perfect hairstyle 

Finally and most importantly, your hair is your secret weapon. Find the perfect hairstyle that stays in place all day and practice it before your big day out. Here are some of our personal faves that are perfect for race day!


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