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7 Easy Hairstyles To Master For A Virtual School Formal

The end of the school year is fast approaching, and that means one thing for many students: the school formal. Just because we’re socially distancing, this doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the fun of a milestone moment like a school formal. Whether your prom is going ahead IRL or is set to become a virtual Zoom affair, the getting ready is just as important, helping to bring some much-needed normalcy and joy to our lives during these uncertain times.

Aside from the dress, your accessories, and your go-to nail shade, you're going to have to consider your hair as well and as anyone who's been on a Zoom call will know, your hair is the focal point of the screen, meaning - it better be looking on point.

Since you may not be going to your hairstylist to get bouncy curls, it’s smart to get ahead of the game and master one of the looks below yourself. Whether you've been planning out your school formal hair look since Christmas or you've just started to give it some thought, there are endless possibilities - which is where we come in to help. 

We’ve rounded up the top 2020 hair trends that are set to dominate school formal season and are most importantly easy to DIY at home. From 90s tendrils to Blair Waldorf-inspired accessories, scroll down below for our edit of the best formal hairstyles to master now. Remember, this is your moment to shine, even if it is via webcam

1. The Crown Braid 

The crown braid is a firm fixture on the red carpet and never fails to add a boho edge to any outfit or dress. If you're a pro at braiding, this style is super easy to achieve and is as simple as creating two side braids (pigtail style), wrapping both ends over the top of your head, and pinning in place.

If you're not super comfortable with your plaiting skills, not to fear, try watching this crown braid tutorial for a step-by-step guide on the look and just make sure you have a lot of bobby pins on hand. These matte silver or gold  ones will bring just the right amount of bling your outfit. 

2. The Formal Topknot 


 Who said top knots were just for lazy Sundays? Endlessly versatile (and easy to master) the top knot can be done in all sorts of ways, from pulled-back (supermodel style) to messy and the half-up, half-down. But the 2020 take seems to be, the sleeker the better and positioned high on the head.

Take it from Rihanna, this style makes for a much more formal look than the one you wear to wash your face. The trick however, is to get your hair really straight before styling. To make it easier for yourself, try out the Scunci Bunmaker kit, which allows you to create an effortless top knot in 3 easy steps - check out the video below on how to use it. 


3. The High-up Ponytail

Haley Baldwin

 Accessories are a given regardless of IRL formal or a virtual one, but subtle accents aren't always picked up on screen, which is why it's best to go for a statement-making accessory that is hard to miss - like the scrunchie.  

With ’90s nostalgia at a fever high, no hair accessory is quite as on-trend as the scrunchie. Despite the scrunchie not being your first port of call when thinking of a formal hair accessory, this look is Clueless-approved and now coming in sorts of textures, from velvet  to denim and bows - there’s plenty of statement options to choose from.

For a look that veers firmly on the side of 90s chic, our favourite way to wear it is with a super-high ponytail. To keep this look from loosening throughout your 50th TikTok video, make sure to secure it with a tight elastic first and then add the scrunchie for extra support. Whether you wear your high pony messy or clean, the scrunchie will kick the entire ‘do up a notch and by keeping the pony super high it’s easy to see on screen.

However, if you’re wanting to add a little more interest, this tutorial on how to create a braided pony is super easy to achieve at home and will look good with any size scrunchie.  

4. The Snap-clip Blowout 

Oh how we love a retro trend, and no hair accessory has made a comeback quite as big as the humble snap clip. Yeah, they might remind you of your early school years, sand pits and book bags, but boy, did they do a mighty fine job of hiding wonky strands. 

Fast forward to 2020 and snap clips have become the look de jour, making a retro revival among ‘grammers, spotted on the runways and beloved by everyone from the Hadids, to the Jenners - all in a fashion that would make Blair Waldorf proud. How do you make the snap clip worthy of your school formal though? By pairing it with the crown-jewel of party hairstyles - the blowout. Sometimes you have to go all out and a bouncy blow-dry never fails to add a luxe edge to a party dress and with the accentuation of two snap clips, this style is kept looking both modern and fresh. 

5. 90-inspired Tendril Updo

Dua Lipa

  Unless you’ve been living under a rock you might have noticed that the 90s-inspired tendril updo has made a comeback. And just like most of the trends this year, we blame Tik Tok and Dua Lipa. The surprise smash hit of the award season earlier this year (J-Lo, Margot Robbie, Dua Lipa and Emily Ratajkowski all sported them) this look is super easy top achieve at home and is simply all about piling the hair up on top of the head  - then pulling out two pieces at the hairline.

Plus, it plays super well with post-lockdown fringes that may have recently grown out. Whether you go for chunky, or wispy Bella-inspired tendrils is completely up to you, and if your normal fringe is too long, you can slip most of it back into a ponytail or bun and secure with some hair grips, before pulling out a couple of smaller pieces. As for the bun on top, this look is best paired with hair that looks effortless and somewhat undone.

6. The ‘Low’ Low Braid

Olivia Palmoro

  The ‘low’ low braid, or better known as the undone braid, this look is everything you look for in a hairstyle, effortless, natural, a little boho and insy-bit luxe - but still in that cool ‘you look like you’ve tried, but more in I just woke up like this kind of way’ - you get us?

As you would guess with the undone braid, your plaiting doesn’t have to be tight or taut, instead, this look is best showcased in an easy, breezy plait that has plenty of tousled texture. Meaning, the key to this look is all in the undone finish. Before braiding hair, make sure to go in with a large barrel styler to craft lots of wavy movement and once you get plaiting, make sure to stretch your plaits out and work your fingers through any wavy tendrils.

For an easy-to-create fishtail plait, check out this video by Oz Beauty Expert who teaches you how to recreate the look in a few easy steps. But whichever kind of plait you go for, just make sure it’s secured with a skinny elastic  so you’re good to go dance the night away.

7. The Bubble Ponytail

There's no such thing (to us, at least) as an overdressed ponytail. And one of the easiest and coolest ways to add interest to otherwise simple and sleek style is with a segmented bubble ponytail. As we said, it’s easy for the details to get lost on screen, which is why we recommend taking your bubble pony from basic to extra by adding a velvet bow, multicoloured hair ties or even a barrette for a look that's unique to you. Or if you want to get super trendy, why not use scrunchies too? 

So there you have it, some fresh formal hairstyle inspiration that you can easily master at home. If your school formal has been cancelled, why not organise your own virtual formal or getting ready party with your friends via FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or a video-chat platform of your choice. 

For more inspiration on the latest in hairstyles, tips and how to’s, check out our latest blogs and video tutorials. Become your very best hairstylist at home with Scunci hair tool and accessories.

For more on the latest in hairstyles, tips and how to’s check out our latest blogs and video tutorials.

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