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6 Fun Hairstyles you Have to Try this Winter!

Winter is coming…

The mornings are getting icy, the heater goes on and the winter woollies come out of the bottom drawer. Winter calls for hairstyles that add zing to our favourite knits, boots and coats. We will have you looking gorgeous this winter with some easy and on-trend hairstyles.

Up or down? Twists, braids or messy funky? Here are 5 must trys this winter that will have you ready to dominate your day in seconds….

1. The Trending Half Up Twister 

Try this half up twist hairstyle, the best of both worlds when you want to get some hair off your face but have your tresses down your back too. All it needs is a few twists of your wrist and some bobby pins and you’ll be ready to dress for success and embrace whatever comes at you!

Watch our video and you’ll love how easy it is to create this stunning twisted hairstyle.

You can create an effortless twisted bun for an elegant and chic look simply by doing another layer of twists and pinning it into place with Scunci bobby pins. #WINNING


2. How about a half up style like Queen B? 

Queen B is all about shining with the best of what you have. So start with your hair and create this stunning half up style! Use a Scunci braided elastic and bring a section of your hair high up onto the crown of your head, slightly toward the back so that it flows. Tie into a ponytail leaving your tresses cascading around your shoulders. Style it with a blingy pair of earrings and you are ready to rock that dance floor. U Got This!

We adore you Beyoncé – Goddess of Glam!

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3. Do yourself (and your BFF) a favour and master the braid…’s easy with Scunci 

Do not fear the DUTCH BRAID, once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Hint – if you’re doing it on your own, try it without looking at a mirror as you will get the feeling of it instead – much easier!

In winter you want to spend more time in bed and less time washing your hair - a dutch braid is always a winner on day 2 or 3 of no wash hair. And no one needs to know. Amazing.

It’s just like a normal braid but you go under instead of over. You’ll be inspired to do even more when you’ve mastered this braid.

Check out our video below and you’ll learn to braid like a PRO!


4. The trending bubble braid always makes a statement 

This hairstyle creates the impression of not having to prove anything – loving yourself just the way you are! Relaxed, a little messy, it will glam up that favourite outfit effortlessly. 

It’s so easy – grab a section of hair, twist slightly and use Scunci elastics to tie off at 2-4 places down the section of hair. Then you can tease the hair out from each section, the more you tease, the messier it looks.

Perfect – a romantic and relaxed look for your much anticipated tinder (or girlfriend) date!

🔸B U B B L E 🔸 B R A I D S🔸 . ✨✨

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5. Exposed Bobby pin styles – they’re not just to keep your hair in place

Let’s break some rules! How’s this for a different way to use bobby pins, on the outside. Scunci bobby pins will stay in place day and night, so create your desired pattern and let it speak for itself! #getcreative

6. Scrunchies – cause our favourite celebs are loving them! 

Transform a bad hair day into a good one with a good old scrunchie – this almost forgotten hair accessory is back and here to stay! One of the best inventions ever, the gentle on your hair scrunchie keeps your hair in place and adds another dimension to your outfit with colour and texture.

At the gym, the office or out to dinner, pull your hair off your face in a ponytail, create a half up messy style, or twist your hair around it – let your imagination create all sorts of hairstyles while it’s nice and gentle on your hair. Comfort for winter – cosy!



Now do like Romy & Michelle did and rock that hair this winter.

Because we love doing that little bit extra for ourselves to feel great. AND, we take that feeling with us wherever we go.

For more on the latest in hairstyles, tips and how to’s check out our latest blogs and video tutorials.

Let us inspire you.

u got this

Love Scunci xx