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7 reasons why every girl needs a least 1 headband in their life

The headband is officially back in fashion and could possibly be the most stylishly summer-ready accessory of them all (we are still deciding between snap clips & headbands) The simple headband ain't so simple anymore AND isn't just for primary school kids. It adds a new level of fun and fashion to so many standard styles, from casual messy long hair worn out, to more polished up-styles and everything in between. 


Not only does it dress up literally any style but there are also a few purely practical reasons to slip on the humble headband and we've got 5 of them to share with you right here! But before we do that can we all take a moment to remember the headband style queens from TV shows past - Queen B herself Blair Waldorf and reality babe Lauren Conrad. All hail the headband Queens!


1. In a rush..

Oh crap, you've slept in AGAIN. The boss isn't going to be happy!

Looking cute is the only option (of course) so hide all those sins from the night before (no judgement here) and slide on a fun headband, you'll be ready to go in the time it takes for your Uber to arrive.

BONUS It's also the perfect mid week look to hide any greasy hair. #winning


2. Make up must have!

Tired of messing up your make-up when finishing your hair or your hair getting in the way of doing your makeup ? You'll finish your face flawlessly and in a flash with a headband , its keeps your hair off your face and once your face is did, you're good to go and be fabulous ! 


3. Dress up a casual look.

Dress up your denim! Headbands come in so many shapes, colours and styles it’s easy to dress up a low-key look with a stylish headband + it's great to hide messy hair. We are loving fashion blogger @Amberfillerup's look here. Casual but oh so stylish. 

Our Turban headwrap is super cute + comes in Black & White. Summer essential right here. 

Accordion headband

4. Facial Friendly.


We all know facials are an essential part of our weekly beauty routine and we love them BUT they can get a little messy. You don't want a mud mask sticking to your hair right? So ensure that banging blowdry you just did in the AM is saved and ...... put on a headband. You'll be glowing plus won't have to rewash your hair in the morning.

make up

5. Washing your face

Washing your face day (with water) then night (with cleanser to get rid of all your makeup or environmental factors like dirt, yep it's there) is a must to make sure we have a beautiful complexion all year round + you don't want to get your hair wet, right? Whack on a headband and it will save your hair plus you won't miss any part of your gorgeous face. #musthave

Washing face with headband

6. Gym BFF

You either love a gym headband or you don't. It certainly has it's benefits like keeping the sweat off your face if your a high impact want to shred kinda gal or you just want to keep the hair off your face while you do some yoga. Active headbands are becoming more popular and alot cuter. 

workout headband

7. Cute boys like the wear them. 

This probably isn't a reason to buy a headband but who doesn't like looking at Harry Styles wearing a headband? You're welcome. 


We've also seen Zac Efron rock a headband and who can forget the number of times David Beckham wore one. Remember when he wore that accordian headband and everyone went crazy! Well we don't have a picture of that but we do have a picture of our Accordion headband, which looks super cute in up or down styles!

accordion headband

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