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5 must-have hair accessories this festival season

Your must-have hair accessories this festival season.

Festivals are finally back in full swing this summer, and we can't wait to look as ready as we feel!

From braids to bubbles, festival hair is all about being bold and showing off your style. But what if you don't know how to style these looks or choose which accessories go with what?

Have no fear—we've got the perfect list of must-have hair accessories every girl needs in her life this summer.

Festival hair is all about flaunting your locks! You can wear it down, you can braid it up, or you can even go for a messy bun. Whichever festival look you choose, there's one thing that must be in order: hair accessories!

Here are 5 accessories that'll take your festival hair to the next level:

1. Hair Flowers (not crowns)

If you want your hair to have a little extra oomph without adding too much weight, consider adding some bling with hair flowers. They come in different colours and shapes, so pick out flora that suits your style best.

And if they wilt or get dirty? No worries—they're easy to remove and replace!

Try them with a braided crown.

Here's how to style your hair with flowers:

  1. Section off the hair that you want to put the hair flower in.
  2. Take a small section of hair and twist it around the hair flower stem until it's secure.
  3. Repeat until you've twisted all your hair around the flower stem.
  4. Use bobby pins to hold your hair in place.

If you can't get your hands on some fresh flowers, try out our Scunci Floral Scrunchie packs, which are ideal festival essentials (and they last longer!).

2. Decorated Braids 

Festival hair isn't complete without braids! Whether it's two, three or four braids, they will undoubtedly give your festival hair some texture and dimension – and adding colourful ribbons adds the festival wow factor!

Try fishtail or reverse braiding your hair instead of the usual 3-strand braid if you want something different.

Here's how to decorate your braids:

To style your hair with braided hair accessories, follow these simple steps:

  1. Divide a section of your hair into 3 even sections to commence the braid. 
  2. Take one of the three sections and twist a ribbon around the base until it's secure.
  3. Braid the 3 sections as you usually would.

If needed, use colourful snap clips or bobby slides to secure flyaways – and add even more colour!

3. High pony scarf

If you want something easy to keep your hair under wraps, a headscarf is all the rage this season. There’s a range of cute variations, including glitter-embellished ones that are making waves at festivals all around the country this year.

Here's how to style your high pony with a headscarf:

  1. Section off half of your hair and secure the front half into a high ponytail on your crown 
  2. Take the middle of your scarf and position it right underneath your ponytail, directly below your hairband 
  3. Start wrapping your hair scarf around your hairband, winding each side of the scarf in turn 
  4. Leave as much scarf length as you want to hang down on either side of your ponytail. Voila! You've got the look!

If this sounds like way too much work, we've got the perfect solution—our super-cute new scrunchie with tails! Totes perfect when you're on the go.

Wearing hair accessories isn't just for the ladies. Headscarves are also a great hair accessory that guys might want to try, especially if they have long hair. Add some hair wax to style your hair into place, and you're good to go!

4. Colourful elastics 

Elastics can be a hair accessory on their own, and you don't even have to wear them on your wrist. Bright and colourful elastics are what we recommend for festival hair because they can instantly transform any hair look—from messy buns to braids—into something fierce!

Try out bubble pigtails:

Bubble pigtails are one of the easiest hairstyles to do, and they always look cute, no matter what festival you're attending. Here's how to style hair into bubble pigtails:

  1. Section the hair that you want to add the elastics to.
  2. Take a small section of hair and twist the elastic around the base until the hair elastic is secure.
  3. Continue adding a range of colourful elastics down the length of the sectioned hair allowing a "bubble" of hair in between each one. 
  4. You can even layer different shades of elastic right next to each other on your ponytail to create a cute 80s-style punky look.

5. Jaw Clips & Claw Clips

If none of these hair accessories is speaking your festival language, then jaw clips and claw clips might be just what you're after. 

This year, clips come in different shapes and sizes, including our extra cute mini jaw clips, which are perfect for styling smaller sections of hair – and adding colour! You can also use them to accentuate those festival-worthy braids as well.

A big claw clip is the 90s retro revival look du jour, and it's so easy to create a whole range of quick styles, from a French twist to a simple pony that stays put all day.

How to create a super simple French twist using a big claw clip:

  1. Gather all your hair in a low ponytail at your nape
  2. Start twisting the hair, moving your hands upwards so the pony twists from your crown to your nape
  3. Once you have it twisted and it's lying flat against your head, take your clip and secure the twist
  4. Let the extra hair (if you have long hair) hang down over the clip
  5. Pull out pieces of hair around your face to soften the look

Mini 90s twists held in place with mini jaw clips are so in right now and perfect for those with shorter or mid-length hair. The look keeps your hair out of your eyes so you can sashay all festival long without it budging an inch.

How to perfect your festival twists with mini jaw clips:

  1. Take a small section of your hair from your front hairline and apply a little texture cream to stop flyaways. You can create neat cornrows with a comb or go wild and zany with zig-zagging rows.
  2. Start twisting! Hold your hair tight and twist flat to your head until you reach the desired twist length—about an inch from your crown is perfect (but don't worry if your hair is shorter, it will look fabulous no matter what).
  3. Secure the twist tightly with a cute little mini jaw clip.
  4. Repeat until you have the required amount of twists—you can go ear to ear or just do two braids on each side, like this cutie.

And there you have it: hair accessories for every hairstyle under the sun! Because let's face it—festival hair can be hard to style on your own.

If you want some more inspiration, check this out:


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