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4 Brushes every girl needs in their cupboard and Why.

Round, paddle, fork?  With brushes there is no need to be faithful to just one. Picking the best brush and using it correctly will save you styling time, prevent damage and ensure your finished style actually looks finished.

In general terms brushes are used in the order of preparation, drying and finishing. So don't be like Ariel, get brushing with the right hairbrush for the right style.


1. Detangling brush or Wide Tooth Comb.

Detangling brush

Hair is the most fragile when wet and during pre-styling preparation when it is most susceptible to breakage and cuticle damage. This is when you need a detangling brush or comb. Best used in the shower to comb and spread conditioners and treatments through the hair for absorption and also after you towel dry to take out tangles and to work in leave in conditioners and pre styling products into the hair. Extra flexible bristles on the Scunci Detangling brush and wide ball tipped Scunci Detangling comb are the perfect tool for getting you hair ready for styling.

Expert tip: Start at the hair ends and work up so you don’t create or lock in knots and more tangles.


2. Paddle Brush

Paddle Brush

Paddle brushes are great for prep and getting the hard work done before using a round brush to blow dry or using a heated stylers. 

The perfect all-rounder for long hair detangling, pre drying, final blow drying. Its detangling ability helps for quick pre blow drying to get most the moisture out before starting your styling and finishing.  When using as a final blow dry brush or prepping before a straightening iron, it’s suited for sleek low volume styles and poker straight ends.

Expert Tip: The actual reshaping of hair when blow drying occurs as the final moisture is leaving the hair.  Use a paddle brush to quick dry 75% of the moisture out before spending more time on important finishing technique and smoothing. Psst, this is Princess Jasmines favourite brush!


3. Round Brush

Round Brush

Round brushes are the best finishing brush for smoothing the ends and creating volume and soft movement. Good for all hair lengths, the shorter the hair generally the smaller the barrel needed.  Quality ceramic barrel round brushes are the best for holding and distributing heat for quicker more even results, reducing frizz and adding shine.

Expert Tip:  For extra volume and bouncy waves,  as you finish off each section roll the hair all the way down on top of the base and give it a blast of cool air (you will need a dryer with a cool  shot function). Cooling locks in final shape and volume.

And we don't recommend you share them with your cat (or dog or any pet)


4. Vent Brush

Vent Brush

Vent brushes were big in the 90’s but don’t brush this one aside as they still deserve a spot in your bathroom or handbag. These are great as for quick basic blow drying and touch ups. The ‘vents' allow the air to flow through for faster drying time to get initial moisture out, or as a finishing brush for a quick tousled style. Also they are a go to choice for getting tangles out of dry hair and quick brush outs & touch ups from your handbag.

Don't forget ladies, you use the right tools and you'll be looking like your favourite Disney Princess before you know it. Happy Styling!


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