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10 Super Cute Looks For Little Ladies

Turn school photo dread into primary school cred with these sweet styles

Oh no, the school photo form has come home. Is it time to up your hairstyle game? 

Let's face it, we all like to look our best in photos, & your little lady is no different. School photos provide an endearing record of your daughter's school journey. Oh, & don't forget, you'll want some perfect pics to display at her 21st birthday.. 

Her friends will want school holiday play dates to be part of this styling fun

And are school holidays nearly here – again? Didn't we only just start this term? Well, let's plan some school holiday fun by exploring these ‘oh, so cute’ new hairstyles. These adorable on-trend styles could be a fun, bonding activity for you both. Hey, if you don't get it right the first time, at least you can both have a good giggle.

So, check out our guide for cute school photos & holiday hairstyles for your little lady. Whether she's a little princess, a modern miss or a sporty lass, there's something for every girl here.

Braids into double ponytails

Like jam & cream, braids & ponytails go perfectly to create these sweet styles. We think this option is straight A (for adorable), the best of both worlds. Ooh, the choices – thick or thin braid? Both will look mighty fine.

You can run two thick braids to the nape of her neck & then … STOP. Secure with a mini scrunchie & let the tails hang loose.

Or is it time for some micro braids? Small braids frame your angel's face, & bouncy ponytails will give her a bit of sass.

Get the look:

Scrunchies Girl Mini 12 piece - Secure the braids & ponytails with these super cute essentials. A vast selection of colours will help you mix up this style.

Bubble ponytails with colourful elastics

How adorable are these two styles? And who doesn't love bubbles? These bubble ponytails will look picture perfect for those school photos.

Choose a central part with small sections secured frequently with colourful ponytailers. This one builds along the back & finishes low with lovable low ponytails.

Or is it time for the full bubble pony? Even cuter than a Shetland, this banded pony has fanned out bauble sections. Cute smirk optional.

Get the look:

Ponytailers Girl Soft 21pc – Seamless, damage-free & colourful. Let the fun begin with seven bi-colour combinations.

Polybands Girl Pastel 500 piece – No-pull elastics designed to be gentle. The skies are the limit for rainbow bubble fun with all those pastel colours.

Braids into a high pony

We looove this little number. A single braid from the fringe leads to a high pony. And for that extra pizzazz, the braid's tail wraps around the ponytail base. 

Get the look:

Polybands & Elastics with Case Girl 212 piece – Metal-free, multi-coloured elastics are a ponytail's best friend. With a choice of colours, your young lady can be a pink princess on Monday & a fluro flower girl on Tuesday. This kit includes plenty of clear polybands for a more natural hairstyle statement.

Butterfly clips headband look

What could be better than a headband? Why, this gorgeous virtual headband, of course. This lil’ darling creates the headband illusion with an assortment of mini butterfly clips.

It's easy to change it up a bit with this one. Vary the number & order of mini braids, plaits, & straight sections for endless options.

Get the look:

Jaw Clips Mini 15 pack - Super fun & fashionable. This kit has everything you need to create your virtual headband. So, will it be a braid, plait, plain or plain, braid, plain plait?

Side ponytail with plaits & bows

What could be cuter than a side ponytail for school photos? How about a side ponytail with plaits? And could it get any sweeter? Of course - a side ponytail with plaits… & bows.

Plaits start at the fringe & run over the crown leading into a low side ponytail. Mix it up with the number of plaits, but we think this triple number is picture-perfect.

Get the look:

Clip In Girl Bows Large 3 piece - Three gorgeous pastel bows in pink, lilac, & baby blue adds the finishing touch.

Discover more fun looks

Do you want more inspiration for those school holiday times? We've got five more cute styles to discover in this video. And there are more lovable hair accessories to explore in the Scunci Girl range.

Picture perfect fun for your little one

Scunci Girl accessories are designed for girls that want colourful, pretty & on-trend hair. Focus on these cute styles for adorable school photos. And imagine the creative fun you can share trying these styles over the school holidays. 

School photo flair to fun holiday hair – U got this.