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10 Great Hair Hacks that You Can Do at Home!

You asked, we listened, 10 great hair hacks that every girl needs to know.

Step out with confidence knowing that Scunci has your back. Let us share with you a few tricks and tips which will save you time and keep your hair looking fab! Saaaah-easy and quick, they will make styling your hair at home a breeze!

1. Rest your head at night on a silk pillowcase 

Say no to split ends! Cotton grabs your hair strands, causing breakage and twisting the root from the base. Silk allows your hair to glide over the pillow case, oh so gentle and oh so smooth. In the morning you’ll have shiny, smooth hair with no more split ends. #WINNING.

silk pillow for hair


2. Wash your hairbrush weekly 

Did you know that whatever is on your hairbrush bristles is deposited back into your hair when you brush it? Eek!

You need to wash your hairbrush every week and keep it clean. If you tend toward oily hair, even more important, because old hair products and prior hair grease is all sitting on your bristles ready to be shared! Take note.


3. Slow and steady wins the race – straightening your hair for best results

This is how not to do it, fast and furious (crazy) leads to broken and damaged hair. Go easy on your beloved strands with a slow and steady styling movement. When you are using a dry hair straightener, never straighten your hair when it is wet (unless using a wet to dry tool), make sure it is dry. Use a heat protectant first and do it in order, section by section. The finished look will be worth it. 

4. DIY hair mask - with ingredients from the kitchen!

Our hair does a great job of protecting our head – but what takes care of our hair? Every day our hair copes with plenty - blow drying, products, up, down and twisted into all sorts of hairstyles. Your hair needs a little dose of love from time to time and a DIY hair mask will repair unhappy strands and restore shine to your hair.  


5. Avoid the dreaded hair kinks in the AM

No more dreaded kinks please, we want our hair to be our friend! Use a scrunchie instead of a traditional hair elastic and this will avoid those annoying kinks in your hair, especially in the mornings. More sleep, less time getting rid of kinks!


6. Top knot, messy bun or ballet bun? Get the perfect bun every single time

Always wanted to create that effortless top knot? Look no further. You don’t need eyes in the back of your head to create the perfect bun anymore.

Cheat and use a top knot bun maker instead to create a full, voluminous and gorgeous bun (shhh. We won’t tell)! When you’ve added the bun maker to your kit of hair goodies, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!


7. Fly away, fly-aways!

Spray your brush with hairspray. An easy and simple trick and one you won’t know about unless you’re reading our hair hacks! Tame those nasty fly-aways by simply adding a bit of hairspray to your hairbrush, and voila it lasts for ages!


8. Put your bobby pins in upside down so they hold better

Are YOU doing it the right way? That’s why bobby pins have teeth – so that they can hold our hair in place. Make sure the teeth of the bobby pin is facing your hair, not the air!

hair hacks


9. If you’ve run out of dry shampoo, corn flour will work too

Yep – that’s right, corn flour! In fact, you might prefer this to dry shampoo – it is beautifully natural (good enough to eat), contains no nasties and it exists in your kitchen cupboard so it is really cost effective! Success.


10. Want extra volume? Try blow-drying your hair upside down

With or without the moves (although you’ll have more fun with the moves and tunes), try this old school hair hack. It works brilliantly! If you don’t have the time for a section by section blow dry (c’mon, who does?), tip your head upside down and give it a go – it will add volume instantly. So easy, right?

For more on the latest in hair styles, tips and how to’s check out our latest blogs and video tutorials. Let us inspire you.

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Love Scunci xx