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Making it easy to create fabulous hairstyles at home – we’ve got you covered!

Get glamourous with Scunci®.

Whatever your hair type or your lifestyle, Scunci has a complete range of hair accessories to suit your everyday. As leaders in innovation and style, we will inspire you with ideas on how to make your hair the best complement to your outfit – at the office, the gym, or out to dinner.

There are jaw clips, hair elastics, scrunchies, dent-free pony-tailers, bobby pins, headbands and the latest styling tools that are kind to your hair.

We make hairstyles fun and easy.

Keep some Scunci essentials in your hair drawer and you will be amazed at what you can do with your hair! Check out our video tutorials and hair hacks to help you look your best day or night, wherever you go.

Scunci is stocked in may retail outlets Australia-wide. You will find Scunci products in Coles, Priceline, Big W and selected pharmacies.

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