How to make the Perfect Pony hairstyle

Perfect Pony

Create the perfect pony

The Perfect Pony adds new dimensions to the basic ponytail – volumne and lift! Simply separate your hair into two sections, place the thickening tools underneath the top section, gather your hair around it and fasten with an included No® damage elastic for thicker, fuller ponytail

- Provides lift and volume
- Easy and quick to use
- Comfortable
- For all hair types
- RRP $9.95

1. Separate top section of hair from bottom.

2. Place the perfect pony tool underneath top section of hair angled down

3. Gather all hair around the perfect pony securing your look with a no damage elastic NOTE: Hair does not go through the centre of the tool

4. The finished look! The Perfect Ponytail.

Other looks you can create with the Scunci Perfect Pony

The looks below were created by Oz Beauty Expert

Celebrities that rock this style

Selena Gomez

Jennifer Anisten

Bella Thorne

Lauren Conrad

Kim Kardashian

Kate Beckinsale

Jennifer Morrison

Perrie Edwards



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