The Topsytail braid

Get Glamourous with Scunci

Follow these five (5) super easy steps to create a fun and stylish Topsytail Braid!

Products used to create this look:

  • Scunci Topsytail RRP$9.95

  • Scunci Clear Polybands RRP$5.95

  • Scunci Hot pink No Damage hair elastic (mixed colour pack) RRP$4.95

1. Start this look by gathering a small amount of hair at the crown and creating a half pony, secure with a Scunci polyband.

2. Gather another small section of hair, secure with a polyband then with the Scunci Topsytail, create a topsytail.

3. Repeat step 2 below the last topsytail that you created.

4. Repeat step 3.

5. After creating the final Topsytail (there should be x 4), secure with a Scunci No Damage Hair elastic.

For some fun and to add some colour to this look, try using a coloured hair elastic, we've used a Scunci Hot Pink No Damage hair elastic.

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