Hollywood Roll

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Hollywood Roll

Follow these six (6) super easy steps to create a glamorous Hollywood roll.

Products used to create this look:

  • Scunci Topsytail RRP$9.95

  • Scunci No Slip Grip Bobbypins RRP$8.95

  • Scunci clear polybands RRP$5.95

Brush hair and tie into a low ponytail.

Insert the large topsytail styling tool into the ponytail.

Pull through to create a low topsytail style.

Using a backcombing brush or comb, backcomb your hair to create volume and texture.

Smooth over the hair as your roll up, tucking and rolling the hair into the topsytail.

Secure with a few no-slip grip bobbypins.

Finished look. Hollywood Roll.
Finished look. Hollywood Roll.

TIP: Add a sparkly clip or pin to add some additional glamour!



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