67602AU Criss Crosser

criss crosser

Create the perfect fishtail braid in a flash! A very ontrend look that you can use various ways, create a side braid, half up style or even heidi style fishtail braid. An effortless and glamourous look for day or night. The set has everything you need to create a perfect fishtail braid, includes 5 x Scunci Polybands & braiding tool.

- Easy and quick to use
- Secure hold
- For all hair types
- RRP $9.95

1. Start at the nap of the neck, divide the hair evenly and place each section through the side slots on the criss-crosser,positioning the tool with the waves behind your hair.

2. Using the thumb and forefinger, slide a small section of hair out from one opening, cross it over the front of the tool, and place it into the opposite opening, moving it as deep into the opening as possible.

3. Now repeat step 2, but take the section of hair from the other opening, cross it in front of the tool, and move it deep into the new opening.

4. Alternate steps 2 and 3 down the entire length of the hair, until a complete braid is formed. Secure the braid with your scunci clear polybands.

looks you can create with the Scunci Criss Crosser

Celebrities that rock this style!

Kim Kardashian

Blake Lively

Nicole Richie

Kendall Jenner

Jennifer Morrison

Vanessa Hudgens

Dianna Agron




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