Silky Braided Headwrap Periwinkle (20073AU)
Silky Braided Headwrap Periwinkle (20073AU)

Mini Braided Comfy Headwraps

Style: 20073AU
Calling all braid fans, this is the headwrap for you! Feel the difference with just one touch of these Mini Braided Comfy Headwraps. Inspired by the design and elasticity of luxury swimwear, this accessory is infused with comfort and style. Experience the soft sheen of the braid design that brings coziness to any look. Our comfy promise, these headwraps are recommended and approved for those craving the ultimate in comfort. Premium Fabric Super Soft Super Stretchy No Damage Dent-free
RRP AU$9.95
Comes in Periwinkle & Brown
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