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Up styling made easy with Scunci's innovative styling tools range, these tools help you create hair styles that you could once only get at the hairdressers.

Create looks like the perfect on trend chunky bun, fabulous french roll, perky ponytail, gorgeous chingnon or with our latest styling tool the Scunci Quick Twist a variety of unique twisted hairstyles such as a waterfall twist, fishtail twist, bun twist, boho twist or ribbon twist! Check out our tutorial videos below and get twisted!

Get Glamorous hair now with Scunci…

Quick Twist
RRP AU$29.95
Bun Maker
RRP AU$9.95
Criss Crosser
RRP AU$9.95
Hair & Body Tattoos
RRP AU$9.95
Pin Twirls
RRP AU$9.95
Topsy Tail
RRP AU$9.95
Updo Stick
RRP AU$9.95
Perfect Bob
RRP AU$7.95
Bunmaker Kit - Pink
RRP AU$6.95
Bunmaker Kit - Purple
RRP AU$6.95

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